Introduction: Dr. Dino's Super Plane!

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This airplane can fly TEN times farther then any other.

Credits: Dr. Kent Hovind

Step 1: Cutting and Folding

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First hamburger fold it then cut the crease.

Step 2: Step 2

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You will have this. (You can make 2 airplanes out of 1 sheet of paper but you only need 1 half.)

Step 3: Folding

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Fold in half again. Unfold and fold in both corners.

Step 4: More Folding

Picture of More Folding

Fold the sides in.

Step 5: More Folding and Cutting

Picture of More Folding and Cutting

Fold in half and cut the tail off.

Step 6: Making the Wings and Stapiling

Picture of Making the Wings and Stapiling

Make the wings. Staple a inch from the front and a half a cm from the bottom.

Step 7: The Paper Clip

Picture of The Paper Clip

Fold the paper clip like this. P.S. Make shure you fold the small end straight.(Not the big one.)

Step 8: Paper Clip +airplane=almost Fineshed

Picture of Paper Clip +airplane=almost Fineshed

Put the paper clip in the airplane.(Do not make a hole in the bottom of the plane or it wont work>)

Step 9: The Launcher

Picture of The Launcher

this is how to make "the loncher" you need 5 rubberbands

Step 10: Launch It!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Picture of Launch It!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

First get two friends. then get the rubber band rope and stretch it out 16 in. Hook the paperclip on the rubber band rope, pull it back, and let go of the plane!!


EET1982 (author)2013-02-13

Very cool instructable. Keep up the great work!

kmug500 (author)2011-03-20

I just made it, it is awesome! I measured about 28 feet before it hit a cabinet. I went straight through 3 rooms!

canno (author)2009-03-28

lol add more rubber bands will make it faster right xP dumb question

RocketPenguin (author)canno2010-06-02

it would a little

plano (author)2009-07-19


RocketPenguin (author)plano2009-08-04


ty.nceo (author)2009-03-27

Sweet Instructables. Keep making new ones like this!

RocketPenguin (author)ty.nceo2009-07-27


plano (author)2009-07-19

can it be easier

RocketPenguin (author)2009-06-21

close im only 9

Mattrox (author)2009-06-03

Why credits to Dr. Hovind??

RocketPenguin (author)Mattrox2009-06-21

because he made it

Mutant raider (author)2009-03-25

how did you hurt your thumbs?

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