Introduction: Binderclip & Attach Duo

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I hope you like it.

it is useful for todos and quick notes.

carry it anywhere.

hang it, stick it or magnet it anywhere.
my first upload sory for low description.

Step 1: Need

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- attachs
- something to attach
- binderclip
- something to bind
- suction cup(optional)
- something to suck

Step 2: Remodeling

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remove binder clips wires and insert one of them to the suction.

Step 3: Attaching

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add attachs to binderclips.

Step 4: Optional

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right one is better. but need a little more tool and skill.

Step 5: Continue To

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add more attachs.(you can add as much as you want)

Step 6: Suction

Picture of Suction

Step 7: Finaling

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you can use it as attach, binder, and suction or something else.


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