Best Fake Door Prank


Introduction: Best Fake Door Prank

trick your stupid brothers and sisters into a sticky mess

Step 1: Things You Will Need1

1 a stupid person
2 clear tape
3 a doorway

Step 2: Putting It Down

tape the tape all along the sides intill you get to end and enjoy the look on their face. :)



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    Looks like you got stuck in your own prank. Haha......

    I don't get it. Can you explain a little more about what the actual prank is?

    1 reply

    I agree what is the actual prank, because in the pictures it looks like there is tape on the side of the door. But it would make sense if the tape was in the middle of the door so that when they walk through it, they walk into the tape

    Brosif, This is pretty chill. I play it on all my bros every year. Duces for life bro

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