a funny inexpensive prank that will "brake" a mouse.

ps: sorry for bad quality pics i hav to use a web cam:(

Step 1: Materials

all you need is tape and a mouse:)

Step 2: The Set Up

just jet a peac of tape and put it under the mouse!
Wow! Why waste perfectly good tape. Just take the stupid ball out. Of corse, the tape would come in handy for a laser mouse! But why not just go into control panel and disable the mouse if your really wanting a discrete way of doing something cool like this. Tisk Tisk. So Juvenile.
well it would be obvious because the control panel would be up, also, that is an optical mouse in the pic, lastly, unplugging the mouse would be just as good
Why leave the control panel up? Keyboard navigation still works today! ALT-F4 closes the current window. :-)
Pure evil. if someone did that to me id be really mad but that is a really good prank<br><br>
use a post-it note and put a msg on the underside and see the look on your targets face!
One of the best office pranks.... ever! I used a post-it note with excellent results. One guy shut down his computer, checked all the wires, called in IT and still couldn't figure it out. While he was away, I removed the post-it note and when he returned it was like nothing happened... except that he lost about 20 minutes of work. Oops.
works even better if you put a troll face on the tape :P <br>
its is good, but as far as i know anybody would just go and look at the bottom of the mouse or at the plug. Maybe you guys should think of something like uninstalling the mouse driver or something like that.<br />
how bout going into the settings and changing the keybord layout from qwerty to abc. did this to a friends laptop and he freeked out. twas priceless <br><br>but this prank is all in good fun. simple and harmless
&nbsp;it sound cool, but to practical<br /> <br />
Someone already came up with this but i think the best idea is to unplug the mouse just a little so when they look they think it is plugged in
This is good but the buddy can just look under his mouse and found it!<br /> So you can do this joke but better (funnyer) will be to unplug mouse.<br /> (Best: unplug and tape the mouse: when the buddy take the tape off, then he will think that mouse is now OK but isn't!)
&nbsp;They <em>can</em>, true, but they most likely won't. If you do this in a school/library type setting, even if they see it (I did this to one in the school library, I was one comp over watching) they will think it's because there's a problem etc. with it.<br /> <br /> Unplugged mice are usually the first thing people look for in my experience.<br /> <br /> FYI, this works equally well with a post-it note, and it's more easily removed. :)<br />
simple but awsome
simply..........simple :p good
what if is a laser mouse? who uses ball mice now-a-days?!?!
yeah, that's an optical mouse in the pic
that isn't even a ball mouse...
It still works, maybe even better with a laser mouse...
I don't know for u, but whenever I go to computer that's not mine (at school etc), I lift the mouse and look if the led if lit, and I would surely see a piece of tape like yours
you are strange
That's the best web cam!!!!
almost as silly as taking the ball out of a ball mouse.....sigh...high school days...dont really miss em.... :P
yah,but what if its the type with the motion sensor?then you would need the tape
&lt;script type = 'Text/PWN-script'&gt;<br/><br/>Quote: <em>with the motion sensor?</em><br/><br/>I think you mean an Infrared LED. Most mice have that our a ball.<br/><br/>Maybe you were talking about the physical type of motion. If so, then the mouse would need an accelerometer. Wow that would be insane! lol just glue a WiiMote to your head and, and configure the wiimote to the computer with GlovePie and Bluetooth! lol now you will just turn your head, and you will control your computer with your HEAD!!! that's an accelerometer mouse! now it's really a motion sensing mouse! lololol MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAA!!!! sorry for getting off topic...<br/><br/>I'm feel motivated now! I am making this into an instructable RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<br/><br/>&lt;/script&gt; (lol i added these 'script' tags for fun!)<br/>
lol, me and my freind would take all the balls outta the mice and hide em in out bags, and plug the cords into adjacent computers. someone would notice the balls gone, then wed give it back, then theyd be controling the wrong computer xD
this has already been done
<a rel="nofollow" href="https://www.instructables.com/id/April-Fool-The-Worlds-Simplest-Stupid-Office-Tri/">And only a few days earlier</a><br/>

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