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my dad taught me how to make this amazing water gun today so i thought i would put it on instructables for this project you will need

an old fire extinguisher (pre 1990's)
an air compressor that can go up to 120 psi

Step 1: Find supplies

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we went to a garage sale today and bought a perfect fire extinguisher for a $ 1.50 but im sure most people wont be that lucky so i would look at garage sales and on craigslist and other places for one it should be a large fire ext. i think mine is like a 2 gallon .
Budweiser1438 months ago

These things are awesome!! My father is a fire fighter, so we used to
have a few of these. I used to love playing with them in the same way! I
now borrow them from him when I go on camping trips, in case our fire
starts to get out of control, or just at the end of the weekend when its time to put out.

how long doe it last?
I could make a flame thrower out of this :3
scotsrule08 (author)  Jimmy Proton2 years ago
It depends on the psi that the extinguisher is under. My usually lasted 30 seconds or so. If you do decide to use it as a flame thrower I would replace the tubing and nozzle to a metal one. (Note: I do not take any responsibility for damages or injuries with the use of the gun)

So ironic. Fire extinguisher to flamethrower conversion.

allmercy3 years ago
On Ebay I sell them seller ID Allmercy just do the advanced search by seller and put my ID in and buy one or two or ten.
Schober4 years ago
I have one that is almost exactly the same as that. Including the little white plastic tube in the end. I measured the amount of water that I put in and found that when I put the labeled amount of water in the tank it met up with the bottom of the plastic tube so now I just fill to that tube every time.
scotsrule08 (author)  Schober4 years ago
awesome, i just guess every time. thank you for reading my instructable
I have an old one my dad acquired that i'm too lazy to fill and bike to the gas station... Can't wait 'till next spring, though!