Picture of best way to remove a wart at home
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the best way to remove a wart is not to cut it off- it will most likely grow back. also if you go to the dermatologist that is expensive. the best way to remove warts is to use garlic. the acid burns the wart off for good and it doesnt even hurt-- inless you mess up and make the piece of garlic bigger than your wart.
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Step 1: Materials

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all you need to remove a wart painlessly,inecpensively,and perminantly is garlic, a knife, and some tape.

Step 2: Steps

1) peel the garlic
2) cut a sliver of garlic the same shape and size of your wart
3) duct tape or masking tape to hold the garlic on-- these work the best
4) keep the garlic on for 15 minuets a day and in acouple of days you will notice that the wort will be slowly getting smaller and then eventually it will be gone-- the wart will dissapear between 4-8 days. keep in mind most warts will grow back after bieng cut.
Oglokoog4 years ago
If you cut off a large enough piece of meat together with the wart, it won't grow back :P
plus you get a nice scar. chicks dig scars ;)
Not all chicks dig scars.
lzabadiel3 years ago
does this work on genital warts as well?
aschulkers3 years ago
how long do you need to keep it on