Step 2: Steps

1) peel the garlic
2) cut a sliver of garlic the same shape and size of your wart
3) duct tape or masking tape to hold the garlic on-- these work the best
4) keep the garlic on for 15 minuets a day and in acouple of days you will notice that the wort will be slowly getting smaller and then eventually it will be gone-- the wart will dissapear between 4-8 days. keep in mind most warts will grow back after bieng cut.
Oglokoog4 years ago
If you cut off a large enough piece of meat together with the wart, it won't grow back :P
plus you get a nice scar. chicks dig scars ;)
Not all chicks dig scars.
lzabadiel3 years ago
does this work on genital warts as well?
aschulkers3 years ago
how long do you need to keep it on