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if you follow the instructions on the package, it tastes too salty, leaving you thirsty, just noddles. but with a little tweaking you can create an amazing meal.

Step 1: Out With the Old in the New

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those little "flavor" packets that look like condoms, throw them out, don't even open them. mom's thanks giving left overs have more flavor.

Step 2: Start Boiling Water

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boil some water. i used a larger pot because im planing on adding more meat, leftovers.

Step 3: Add Meat

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add some ramen, once the ramen is done, add your leftovers, and let them boil( this cooks them)

Step 4: Strain and Eat

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strain your ramen, put the ramen and meat in a dish and enjoy


3ngin3 (author)2009-09-21

uhhh.... you said ramen noodles but i see rice in that bowl =/

red-king (author)3ngin32009-11-29

looks like a mixture of ramen and rice to me.

chrisbaker (author)2009-02-21

I usually pour some soy sauce into the water before it starts boiling. Minced onion in there is good -- it gets to the proper consistency by the time noodles are done cooking. I also usually put a tablespoon or so of peanut butter in when the noodles are done cooking -- it thickens the liquid & adds great flavor (if you like peanut butter, try this even if it doesn't sound good - you may be surprised). Canned chicken or a hand full of cashews add protein.

llamafur (author)chrisbaker2009-02-23

opps, I glanced over the one tablespoon part, and added almost half a cup o peanut butter. still taste good.

Bran (author)2007-11-26

This is a family website, so offensive language and vulgar substances are looked down upon. If you could kindly change your intro....

TheShawMaestro (author)Bran2009-02-11

Offensive language and "vulgar substances"? Where?

llamafur (author)TheShawMaestro2009-02-11

I changed it, about a year ago

TheShawMaestro (author)llamafur2009-02-14

Oh right. I need to start reading timestamps!

bruno13069 (author)2007-12-05

I'll cook 2 packs of noodles and add some mixed veggies and canned chicken. Only use one packet of flavoring. I call it "Poor Man's Lo Mein"

DrBschdn (author)bruno130692008-05-12

Apropos "Lo Mein." The word "Ramen" is a Japanese derivation of the Chinese "Lo Mein."

incorrigible packrat (author)2008-01-07

We sometimes call them "welfare noodles" (No offense intended towards those having recourse to the County dime) My favourite preparation method is to get a small amount of water boiling in a small pot (just enough to cover the noodles). Crush the noodles into the water (remembering to remove the flavour condom packet). By the time the noodles are nicely al dente, most of the water should be boiled away. I like a little starchy water left in there, for saucy goodness. Stir in an envelope of bouillon if you have it, or the flavour condom packet, if you don't. (I prefer chicken flavour. Since it is no longer 1982, I will refrain from offering commentary on what the "oriental" flavour is supposed to taste like). For yet more sauciness and taste, stir in a goodly knob of butter. (Nigella Lawson fans may prefer to use a "wodge" of butter, rather than a knob.) Perhaps one might even add some nigella as well. (I'm thinking the spice, not the lady, but chacun a son gout)

wow, that sounds really good.

'tis for sure. Your way sounds good as well.


Vertigo666 (author)2007-11-28

Put egg in it. While it's boiling, after you put the noodles in, crack an egg in. It might taste different though.

Noblevagrant (author)2007-11-26

what extras did you put in it?

llamafur (author)Noblevagrant2007-11-27

I put chopped up marinated flank, rice, green peas, and carrots. one problem I had with the beef was the flavor, before I boiled the beef, it was delisious. after boiling there wasn't much of the original flavor left.

Noblevagrant (author)llamafur2007-11-27

next time just heat the meat in the microwave then add it in before you eat. or put a little oil in a skillet and fry it

llamafur (author)Noblevagrant2007-11-27

thats a good idea, and you could even bread the steak too. just paint the meat with egg then roll it in bread. to keep it the meat warm putting it in the oven, then take it out at the last minute. man I love food!

Noblevagrant (author)llamafur2007-11-27

if you bread it and add it to the noodles it would get soggy, unless you made a batter then it wouldnt be so bad

kashmirkat (author)2007-11-26

We buy Asian Ramen style soups at the Asian Market near us. Our favorite is a spicy one that is reminiscent of Tom Yum soup - We like to add chopped up bok choy, chinese broccoli (and whatever other veggies we feel like) and some pre-cooked frozen shrimp (thawed under cold running water) - makes a great lunch! It would probably be good with regular ramen from the grocery store made as a soup too - but I'd add a little vinegar and spicy sesame oil to it I think...

GorillazMiko (author)2007-11-26

im asian, my parents do tthis all the time. add in an egg, cook it with the noodles, its delicious.

pyro13 (author)2007-11-26

Your right RedNeckOreo, my mom, dad, and little sister all look at this website because i told them what great ideas it has. Little things like this can make them think differently.

saites2001 (author)2007-11-26

Personally, I like them the way they come. And I don't always strain them, either. Another option (if you're camping or something) is to dump about half the seasoning pack into a bag of crushed up Ramen and shake. The result is like eating seasoned uncooked noodles (and by like, I mean is). If you drink a little water afterward, you certainly won't feel hungry.

fredgilman (author)2007-11-24

This sounds like the perfect use of thanksgiving leftovers! (Also, it's Ramen, not Roman.)

llamafur (author)fredgilman2007-11-24


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