Better Ramen Noodles





Introduction: Better Ramen Noodles

if you follow the instructions on the package, it tastes too salty, leaving you thirsty, just noddles. but with a little tweaking you can create an amazing meal.

Step 1: Out With the Old in the New

those little "flavor" packets that look like condoms, throw them out, don't even open them. mom's thanks giving left overs have more flavor.

Step 2: Start Boiling Water

boil some water. i used a larger pot because im planing on adding more meat, leftovers.

Step 3: Add Meat

add some ramen, once the ramen is done, add your leftovers, and let them boil( this cooks them)

Step 4: Strain and Eat

strain your ramen, put the ramen and meat in a dish and enjoy



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    uhhh.... you said ramen noodles but i see rice in that bowl =/

    looks like a mixture of ramen and rice to me.

    I usually pour some soy sauce into the water before it starts boiling. Minced onion in there is good -- it gets to the proper consistency by the time noodles are done cooking. I also usually put a tablespoon or so of peanut butter in when the noodles are done cooking -- it thickens the liquid & adds great flavor (if you like peanut butter, try this even if it doesn't sound good - you may be surprised). Canned chicken or a hand full of cashews add protein.

    opps, I glanced over the one tablespoon part, and added almost half a cup o peanut butter. still taste good.


    This is a family website, so offensive language and vulgar substances are looked down upon. If you could kindly change your intro....

    Offensive language and "vulgar substances"? Where?

    I changed it, about a year ago

    Oh right. I need to start reading timestamps!

    I'll cook 2 packs of noodles and add some mixed veggies and canned chicken. Only use one packet of flavoring. I call it "Poor Man's Lo Mein"

    Apropos "Lo Mein." The word "Ramen" is a Japanese derivation of the Chinese "Lo Mein."