Better Than a Snow Shovel




Introduction: Better Than a Snow Shovel

faster, cleaner, and no back breaking needed

Step 1: What's Needed

you will need:
two-stroke gas mix
and a leaf blower

Step 2: How Shall One Do This

take the snow blower and turn it on. this may take a few trys due to the cold!
make sure to warm it up all the way and to NOT be inside while starting and/or running the leaf blower. the fumes can be fatal just like any car fumes.

Step 3: Now Rid of the Snow!

the next step is to take it outside to your sidewalk or drive way. pull the throttle all the way to blow the snow. the blower works better in powder or unpacked snow. I will in NO way be responsible to any damage done to the blower even though it is doubted that there will be any.



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