easy decorative nunchucks made from just a bic pen and paperclips

Step 1: Step 1: Supplies

supplies you will need:
bic pen( other pens will take more work)
5 Paperclips


Step 2: Disect the Pen

just take all the innards out of the pen

Step 3: Almost Done

just cut the pen in half and chain the paper clips together

Step 4: Finishing It

shove the end paper clips into one end of each bicpenhalf . the you're done
dude u copied me thats not cool!
No, I don't believe I did. Your claim would be much more valid if I hadn't published my version 3 years prior to yours.
killer weapon for school
can u use it as a throwing weapon please reply
well, you could definitely try.
thank you
dude this thing rocks man! theres so much u can make with bic pens!
tell me all the things u can make with bic pens cos i work at a factory where they make them plz
umm.... well there are: Bows, These, Mini pens, keychains, Pen guns, BB launchers, Tools, and many more! Get creative!
is that even possible?
yes, but it's NOT a good idea, as the flame could travel up into the aerosol can and explosions occur.
Yah dont forget flame throwers!
how do you make a flame thrower?
yeah I've modded <a rel="nofollow" href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Mini-Spud-Gun%2c-Classroom-Nemesis/">https://www.instructables.com/id/Mini-Spud-Gun%2c-Classroom-Nemesis/</a> to make a flamethrower, just spray something flammable thru the chamber <strong>while</strong> pressing the igniter<br/>
ok thanks im thinking of making a bb launcer but can you plz email me on instructables as im not sure how
1. You start by taking the guts out of the pen.&nbsp;&nbsp;<br /> <br /> 2.Once&nbsp;you're &nbsp;done with that get one of the parts that you use to push the led out of a mechanical&nbsp;pencil&nbsp;and put it in the pen tube.<br /> <br /> 3.Now you just &nbsp;tape a rubber band to the pen tube,stick it on the eraser.
That is awesome
LOL thats awesome!
I LOL'd.
Office Weapons!
Cool, could do this in class. Then throw it at people.
i like throwing stuff. i also like sharp stuff.

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