Picture of bic Nunchucks
easy decorative nunchucks made from just a bic pen and paperclips

Step 1: Step 1: supplies

Picture of step 1: supplies
supplies you will need:
bic pen( other pens will take more work)
5 Paperclips

dude u copied me thats not cool!
rubberchicken (author)  bbgun_sniper3 years ago
No, I don't believe I did. Your claim would be much more valid if I hadn't published my version 3 years prior to yours.
killer weapon for school
can u use it as a throwing weapon please reply
rubberchicken (author)  Air_Assassin4 years ago
well, you could definitely try.
thank you
dude this thing rocks man! theres so much u can make with bic pens!
tell me all the things u can make with bic pens cos i work at a factory where they make them plz
umm.... well there are: Bows, These, Mini pens, keychains, Pen guns, BB launchers, Tools, and many more! Get creative!
is that even possible?
rubberchicken (author)  mynameischeese4 years ago
yes, but it's NOT a good idea, as the flame could travel up into the aerosol can and explosions occur.
Yah dont forget flame throwers!
how do you make a flame thrower?
rubberchicken (author)  sharlston6 years ago
yeah I've modded http://www.instructables.com/id/Mini-Spud-Gun%2c-Classroom-Nemesis/ to make a flamethrower, just spray something flammable thru the chamber while pressing the igniter
ok thanks im thinking of making a bb launcer but can you plz email me on instructables as im not sure how
1. You start by taking the guts out of the pen.  

2.Once you're  done with that get one of the parts that you use to push the led out of a mechanical pencil and put it in the pen tube.

3.Now you just  tape a rubber band to the pen tube,stick it on the eraser.
That is awesome
Jupitane6 years ago
LOL thats awesome!
hellstudios6 years ago
I LOL'd.
1spartan956 years ago
Office Weapons!
Cool, could do this in class. Then throw it at people.
i like throwing stuff. i also like sharp stuff.