Picture of bic ink cartridge gun
I will show you how to make an ink cartridge gun out of a bic round stic pen, some sturdy tape, and a water balloon.
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Step 1: Take apart the pen

Picture of take apart the pen
First, pull off the writing part by grabbing the pen at the back, and with your teeth, grab the pen where it starts to taper. pull it out, and once its out, take the tapered part, and ink cartridge first, hit it on a desk until it comes out. now, you should be left with a writing piece, a grip thingamajig, and a blocked off tube. take the writing tip and insert it, ink cartridge first, into the blocked off tube. hit the writing tip on the desk by holding the tube. after a few hits, the end should pop off.

Step 2: Firing mechanism

Picture of firing mechanism
take the balloon and put it over the tube, so that there is some loose balloon. take your tape and wrap it around the tube, taping the balloon to the tube.

Step 3: Arming

Picture of arming
insert the writing tip, once again cartridge first, into the open end. grab the cartridge with the balloon and pull back. let go to fire(duh).
ok thanks
the pics are blurry....i cant see them so there is no use for them
Capt. Kidd (author)  bookworm246813575 years ago
lol sorry i think the camera focused on the background... ill try and post new pics
Nice job. This is really cool. (I have the same mouse too!)
Very simple. I like it. Good job.
Capt. Kidd (author)  Rock Soldier6 years ago
thx lol