Picture of Bic Crossbow
After playing around with the Bic bow and arrow, I came up with this little modification.
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
Clothespin - Honestly any sort of clamp will do. The stronger it is, the longer you can make the shaft.

Pencil - Can be replaced for something longer. See above.


Bic bow and arrow - use a big thick rubber band, it makes things shoot a LOT farther.

Step 2: Bow and Arrow

this is how to make the bow and arrow. I wont get into those details here, so go make the bow and come back to step 3 after that.

Step 3: Finishing Up

Tape the clothespin (or clamp) to one end of the pencil. make sure the clamp end is facing towards the opposite end of the pencil.

Use more tape to attach the bow to the other end of the pencil. See pictures for details.

NOTE: if you wrap another rubber band around the cloths pin, you can make make the clamp stronger. if that doesn't make sense, just ignore this - its not essential. try it if you are having trouble getting the projectile locked in place.

Step 4: Loading/Firing

Picture of Loading/Firing
crossbow pictures 015.jpg
load the ink cartridge just like you do for the bow and pull it back so it clips into the cloths pin. aim, and fire!!

Load the ink cartridge just like you would with the original bow. Pull the rubber band and "arrow" back and clamp it in your clothespin (or whatever you decided to use).

To fire, just release the clamp, and watch it go!
blonday3 years ago
hey can someone comment how to make the bow and arow cos my computer wont open the file thanks ;)
ndog564 years ago
sup guys click on this to make a bow arrow
MotorMan26 years ago
On step 2 the pic didn't show up you sure you put one.
click on the words "this it the model i used to make the cross bow." it'll take you to the bic bow and arrow instructable :)
Blood Wolf5 years ago
where is the pic I need to see the model in order to build it.