Picture of bicycle Tire Bracelet
Did your bike tire pop? just found one at the dump? here is an instructable on how you can use that tire and make a "green" (black) bracelet.
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Step 1: Tire

Picture of Tire
Obtain a bicycle tire somehow, steal our neighbors (don't recommend this) or find one.

Step 2: Strip the tire.

Picture of Strip the tire.
Jason 003.jpg
Jason 004.jpg
take the tire off the axle and take out the inner tubing.

Step 3: Cut the tubing into a strip

Picture of Cut the tubing into a strip
Jason 006.jpg
Jason 007.jpg
Jason 008.jpg
Jason 009.jpg
cut off the air lever thing and make a slit all the way down from that point until you have one loooonng strip.

Step 4: Marking

Picture of marking
Jason 011.jpg
Jason 012.jpg
Jason 013.jpg
Jason 015.jpg
measure your wrist on the rubber and make a mark. add about 2 inches and cut there.

Step 5: Rectangle

Picture of rectangle
Jason 018.jpg
Jason 019.jpg
Jason 022.jpg
Jason 023.jpg
to make a god rectangle, cut off and make the top and bottom straight lines as shown.

Step 6: More strips

Picture of more strips
Jason 026.jpg
make 3 more strips. mark 3 even lines. i made my strip 3 inches across so i have a mark at each inch.

Step 7: Clamp

Picture of clamp
Jason 028.jpg
Jason 029.jpg
Jason 030.jpg
Jason 032.jpg
make 3 holes using the knife as shown in pics, then push something (bolt) through the holes to hold them 3 together. once held together, clamp or have someone hold that end. when clamped, begin to braid the ends really(!) tightly.

Step 8: More

Picture of more
braid until almost no tube is left. then make another hole.

Step 9: String

push a 1foot piece of string through the holes opposite from the bolt and tie tight. then wrap the string around that tube 3 times and tie again.

Step 10: Tie again

Picture of tie again
Jason 047.jpg
Jason 048.jpg
Jason 049.jpg
Jason 050.jpg
Jason 051.jpg
go through the layers on the other side and wrap 3 times again. this time when done wrapping, tie to the other side to bring both ends together.

Thanks for viewing. hoped you liked it and try it.
richardsan3 years ago
there are other methods for "weaving/braiding" you might prefer. get any leather working book and do some research.
rjreilly4 years ago
and it's made from a tube not a tire ...
plauale5 years ago
I don't understand why you would even mention stealing a full wheel to get the tube. Seriously.

STEP 1: Go to a bike repair shop and ask for a old tube and you will walk away with more tubes than you could ever want to braid. If you really want the feeling of crime, "steal" some from their dumpster.

mo5 plauale5 years ago
its a joke
J@50n (author)  plauale5 years ago
 that one is my brothers