Did your bike tire pop? just found one at the dump? here is an instructable on how you can use that tire and make a "green" (black) bracelet.

Step 1: Tire

Obtain a bicycle tire somehow, steal our neighbors (don't recommend this) or find one.
there are other methods for &quot;weaving/braiding&quot; you might prefer. get any leather working book and do some research. <br />hth
and it's made from a tube not a tire ...
I don't understand why you would even mention stealing a full wheel to get the tube. Seriously.<br /> <br /> STEP&nbsp;1: Go to a bike repair shop and ask for a old tube and you will walk away with more tubes than you could ever want to braid. If you really want the feeling of crime, &quot;steal&quot; some from their dumpster.<br /> <br /> <br />
its a joke<br />
&nbsp;that one is my brothers

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