Introduction: Metal Heart

Picture of Metal Heart

Do you have an old bike to toss? take off the chain and make it in to nice hearts! you can also make other figures / symbols 

Step 1: Finding Tools

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this is what you need:
chain cuts
welding equipment (or glue)
(pilers, hammer: used to "assemble the chain", you can also use the chain cutter)

Step 2: Make the Chain Heart

Picture of Make the Chain Heart

cut the chain to the desired length (you decide, longer chain = more welding = bigger hart)
I recommend about 20 cm (or 8 inch)

Step 3: Welding

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Mark the plases you want to weld. (or glue...) start welding! 
If you have a magnet, it can help you keep the shape of the heart, I don`t use magnet.


Picture of FINISHED

find a string or a rope so you can hang up the heart!


cwilliams34 (author)2017-02-22

Yeah not a very complete instruction set there are no pictures of the welds etc......needs a little work.

silveravnt (author)2016-09-06

I'm guessing you welded the back side?

silveravnt (author)Ranie-K2016-09-06
This video is private.

Sorry about that.

Vinsu (author)2012-02-06

Nice and simple, kind of heartwarming :)

dagelias (author)Vinsu2012-02-06

;) Thanks A Lot!

MaryT8M (author)2012-01-11

This is really cool. I LOVE "upcycling" (no pun intended) and rusty things! Now to find an old bike chain.......I'm afraid we just tossed one (I hate it when I do that, THEN figure out something I could have done with it) I think DH has a chain saw chain that is broken.....I might need to take a look at it!

dagelias (author)MaryT8M2012-01-11

Great !! remember if you are going to put it on the wall it might be dirty (oil) so be shure to clean it first!!

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