Big purpel egg shaped bodge it line by line film camera

Picture of big purpel egg shaped bodge it line by line film camera
the original analog image to digital signal method applied mechanically to digitize to analog,this odd shutter design is not eggexactly compact in fact the camera needed to be cut extended and wrapped around it. i hope the effect of moving objects in the frame will have the affect of digital signal breakdown  .inspired by the early tv inventions. please bear in mind that a few weeks have passed between me being ready to do the first test roll and writing the build.also the effects of the fumes from the fillr were not doing any favoursand all the dust has made my keyboard temperamental. . i did a photoshop mock up of the sort of thing i was expecting and the actual result from initial testing.
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Step 1: This cd drive mechanism was unused in another project,

Picture of this cd drive mechanism was unused in another project,

Step 2: Function

Picture of function
this is how i think i wired it. oops just spotted a mistake! see image note.
so a disk with a slit is attached ti another panel with a horizontal slit as they cross the film is exposed, when they dont the whole thing ebbs down a bit. when it reaches the ottom a limit switch cuts the power. the shutter is a switch which reverses the polarity then the system goes in reverse.

Step 3: Put the big flat squair bit on

Picture of put the big flat squair bit on
its got a crack in it. its aluminium.tied and glued

Step 4: Then the round bit

Picture of then the round bit
the paper clip is the basis of the cam. the cam operates a switch when the rotating slit is away from the horizontal slit, the switch advances the up down motion. the spring thing is a slip device that was attached to the motor,retrieved from a camcorder.

Step 5: The switch

Picture of the switch
came off the board for the cd drive, i attached wires and glued it to a plate,to make positioning it easier.

Step 6: Oh wow what a photo

Picture of oh wow what a photo
the moving parts have a gard . this gives me a surface to fix the two halves of the camera together

Step 7: Cd drive board also has a pot

Picture of cd drive board also has a pot
i will be using this later to adjust the rise and decent rate.. also here is the camera body im going to use.its quite jammed and it has rust inside.