Bike Stand





Introduction: Bike Stand

This particular one holds 5 bikes I also have a 3 bike one for the "expensive bike's" as then they are harder to scratch because they are further away.

Step 1:

this instructable is only a quick one unfortunately I did this about 3 years ago so I did not film it or make a instructable on the time. this is basically in short peace of pipe cut in half with slots in it. I first got my 3 foot wide pipe "correct me if im wrong" and cut it longways in half like so. than every 4 "bumps" I cut a bump out I didn't measure anything I just used my eye. one slot fits a bike wheel snugly from racers to mountain bikes 'you can vary for your bikes'. I did all this with a grinder just purely it was easier. I don't recommend you using a circular saw for example it can jump and break the plastic as when a grinder basically melts it. thats all I have to say with this one so goodluck.

Step 2: Tips and Tricks

I have a couple of tips for this one, I will start with the sliding around i recommend either buying some kind of rubber feet or if you want to use it maybe inside you can use pipe insulation along the bottom cut. the next tip is basically common sense but if you find all your bikes are the same height and the handlebars hit each other try putting the front wheel in the first slot then the back wheel in the next slot and so thorth.



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    This looks like a great idea. I wonder if a jig saw would work for cutting this?

    I recon it would but I would use a metal blade instead of a wood blade.