video Bike stand and bright rear led lights

An easy-to-make indoor stand (for some applications), and some really bright rear lights for night riding.

What kind of container did you use for your battery pack? I'm doing a project very similar to yours and don't know what kind of container to use.

bobcat1947 (author)  Adambowker983 years ago
Thanks for asking. It was a Maxwell House "tin" that contained "International Delight" (I think it was called) coffee. The only drawback....the Radio Shack battery pack, when loaded with batteries, is a bit tight in it's fit. Be cautious not to ground out the battery pack against the metal coffee container.
matt11053 years ago
dang those are bright. nice work great idea.
bobcat1947 (author)  matt11053 years ago
Thank you Matt. You might like another video I have on 'Bicycle Brake Lights', where a small switch works off the caliper to activate the lights.