Introduction: Bike Vase

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A different place to put a lovely flower.

Step 1: Stuff You Need

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hot melt glue gun
one of those plastic mini vase thingies that come on the ends of fresh cut roses

plasti dip spray (optional)

Step 2: Assemble

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I wanted the vase thingie to have a black color, so I coated it in plasti dip spray. Here is the painted thing after one coat.

after it dries, rough one side up a bit with the file so the hot melt will stick.

glue the strips of velcro to the roughed up side.

Turns out the flower makes the vase top heavy, so you really need two velcro strips.

Step 3: Now Your Bike Looks Like One of Those New Vw Bugs

Picture of Now Your Bike Looks Like One of Those New Vw Bugs

ride around with a flower! why not?

update: A bike vase found in the wild! (scroll way down)



agdollison (author)2008-05-24

so what is the story behind the paint job but i loved the instructable

foobear (author)agdollison2008-05-24

Oh, I used to work at Yahoo and I bought this bike off the guy who won a drawing there. Greatest commuter bike ever!

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