Bipod for Mepains Rifle

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Introduction: Bipod for Mepains Rifle

follow the pictures and u should have it easily done i do not take credit for making this bipod i just modded it to fit this particular gun

p.s. i dont take credit for creating the gun or bipod i just modded it

Step 1: Materials

update i got a pic to use for all of my guns etc out of knex!!!!!!!
sorry i just noticed that the pic didn't go through. it should be up within next few days. Thank you for your patience.

full circle=3
red piece=6
orange piece=14
blue partial circle(one missing slot for gray piece)=1
grey piece(fits into the blue partial circle=1
grey piece(one slot)=14
black hinge piece(a cutout on top)=6

green metallic rods(2nd largest)=7
blue rods=11
grey rods(2nd smallest)=14

blue spacer=22
grey spacer(=3blue spacers)=6
ball and socket join(ball part)=1

Step 2: Build the Body

follow steps they pretty much clarify themselves.

1st pic=what it will look like

pics 2, 3, 4,& 5= same thing just different views only make one

pics 7, 8, & 9 only make one

Step 3: Make Legs

very easy

i show how to make one of them but you need to make two of these=D

Step 4: Put It Together

put it all together

Step 5: Connecting the Bipod to Mepains Gun

how to lock it in place

i used a broken rubberband connected torange(or in this case brown)connector then the other end a grey piece. i wrap it around the bipod and connect on other side and it stays perfectly=D



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the gun looks like mg42 and great bipod

Thanks, the gun is not mine, and if I'm not mistaken, neither is the bipod, been so long since this...thanks anyway however(:

what kit you got? here i've got a gretsch catalina ash with 16 inch zbt crash, an 18 crash ride, and a pearl demon drive double pedal :D

long since rid of it to buy a nice gib les paul wasn't an expensive kind just a middle class kit not starter not great

how far did yours shoot while you had it?

i don't know...but i could put in an's been about maybe 7 it's not too accurate...but i would say about maybe 150-180 ft (50-60 yards)...just an estimate of how far it shot in my neighborhood.

really mine only shot like 30 max after i modded it heaps it shoots like 80 max now and i made it exactly right i kniow i did

i tried it with medical rubber bands...the really elastic kind that doctors and nurses and all them use... i realy odn't know that...i didn't really mod it...sorry=/