this badboy is a Nerf MAVERICK REV-6 with an integrated black light and lazer and a deadly stealth looking paint job, in this instructable ill show you all the necessary modifications to create this work of art

the principle of operation is based around the use of glow in the dark darts which are charged by the black light leds as they exit the barrel of the gun leaving the darts glowing bright as they continue on their trajectory 

Step 1: Insert Black Light Led Assembly

step one, take the gun apart.so this part is kinda a no brainer, youll need to find a way to fanangle some uv leds over the barrel, i used a dremel and a peice of prototype board to mount them, make shure you give yourself ample wire to work with as due to the fact it must be routed through the gun
Add some pennies behind the spring, I recommend no more than 4 unless you pad the plunger head. I used 4 in mine.
lds represent!
btw awesome job!
thanks, this is my first entire instructable in now 2 years
your welcome =D

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