Black Powder Rocket Engine Diy





Introduction: Black Powder Rocket Engine Diy

this is just a quick instruction on a super simple way to build black powder rockets for beginners they flay high and are

super fun be safe and vote for me :)

Step 1: Tools


i made the coring tools by my self with a nail a dowel and a drill i think by looking at the pictures you could figure that out

other than that all you need is a hammer some pvc to fit over the dowel and spoon

i made the black powder at home i will make a instructible on that later

Step 2: The Nozzle

i hammered clay dust and sand into the bottom of the tube before adding a small amount of water if you have bentanite clay don't bother with the water

Step 3: Fuel

now drop some milled black powder into the tube and hammer, repeat until you have a hard core up to just above the top of your nail/coring device.

Step 4: End Plug

after the fuel is in and packed hard ad around a 1/4 inch clay to the top using a shorter piece of dowel than before

Step 5: Fuse and Removal

i had some extra cotton twine lying around so i rubbed the remaining black powder in to it and it burned nicely

to remove the rocket just twist and pull up till it comes off

Step 6: Launch Prep

just before launch check all the plugs and nozzle for cracks put in the fuze

also tape a long strate stick or dowels to the rocket and cut it until it balances

Step 7: Firing!!!!

to fire insert fuse with some extra black powder and light always be safe and watch from far back



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    any chance you'll post how you made the powder?

    How high did it end up flying? Looks like it was fun to launch!

    we didn't measure it but around 70 feet

    its not the best video sorry