A magic trick to make it look like you change a piece of paper into a dollar bill.
See the trick

Step 1: Materials Needed

You will need
-a bill (I used a dollar, but it doesn't matter)
-a piece of paper
-a pair of scissors
-a pencil
-scotch tape (double-sided is best, but it doesn't matter)
<p>The videos gone. Please fix. </p>
Where's the video?
+ This is the easiest to set up magic trick I've ever seen. And the effect is great.
Thank you very much for your comments, this was my first instructable and I just wanted to see how to make one basically. I am glad that you think that I did okay.
That is such a cool trick, awesome job. And to reply to darth2o's comment, click the orange REPLY button, then we can know you commented our comment with a reply. Thanks!

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