Picture of blanket yurt
When Greg saw my blanket fort, he immediately was inspired to create his own version.

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Step 1: Materials

Picture of materials
12 x 10 foot pvc pipes  3/4"
divided into
  16x 38-3/4"
  10x 12-1/4"
  4x   12-1/4"  (this dimension can be varied if you want it to be longer)
  4x   5-1/2"
  2x   25-3/4"
  32x  3"
  2x   26"
  2x   33"

36x  tee connectors
16x  45 degree connectors
1x   cross connector

10x safety pins

(optional) miter box
(optional) beeswax
rubber mallet
(optional) file  (highly recommended)

Step 2: Cutting the pipe

Picture of Cutting the pipe
Make a plan for how you will cut the ten foot lengths of pipe into the required sections. You can get all the needed lengths from 12 standard ten foot pipes, but if you don't plan ahead you might end up with leftover sections too short for the missing pieces you still need.

Cut the pipe with the hack saw, using the miter box to help easily make a straight cut. Applying some beeswax to the back of the blade will help it go through like butter.

After you cut, file the ends of the pipe to smooth the rough edge. This is "optional", but connecting the pipes and connectors is a lot easier with a smooth end. You can use a regular file, or there is a tool made especially for filing the ends of PVC.

Step 3: Build four corner walls

Picture of Build four corner walls
Assemble a rectangle from two 38 3/4" pipes, two 12 1/4" pipes, and four T connectors. The long pipes go in the middle leg of the T connector.

Add a 3" piece of pipe to the open end of each of the four T connectors. Then add a 45 degree connector to these.

Repeat four times to make four walls.
Uglycooper5 months ago

8/8 m8.