When Greg saw my blanket fort, he immediately was inspired to create his own version.

Step 1: materials

12 x 10 foot pvc pipes  3/4"
divided into
  16x 38-3/4"
  10x 12-1/4"
  4x   12-1/4"  (this dimension can be varied if you want it to be longer)
  4x   5-1/2"
  2x   25-3/4"
  32x  3"
  2x   26"
  2x   33"

36x  tee connectors
16x  45 degree connectors
1x   cross connector

10x safety pins

(optional) miter box
(optional) beeswax
rubber mallet
(optional) file  (highly recommended)

<p>8/8 m8.</p>

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