Give a general description of the InstructableI have made a stock and a scope for the balzer v1 knex gun

Step 1: The Stock

this is the stock for the blazer v1

Step 2:

this is the scope
I think I'm gonna build this, and if I like it I will build 2, if I don't like it I will build something else but this thing sux in a 1v1 battle...<br /> If you shoot, the enemy can see you, and then ya don't have enough time to reload and you lose =|
I don't get it...Why is the blazer good?<br /> Isn't it just a slingshot gun with two handles?
A slingshot gun that can take nearly limitless amounts of power, almost any type of ammo, is easy to aim, and doesn't take up much more space than most of the &quot;sniper rifles&quot; that are really just crappy block triggers and over-sized, piece-wasting frames. This thing's piece efficient, comfortable and works great. I've actually modified mine to have a smooth top profile, and even used what are effectively bricks of pieces as ammo. That tree will never look the same again...<br />
R.I.P. tree.<br /> WE&nbsp;WILL&nbsp;MISS&nbsp;YOU!!!!!
Yep... On the plus side, I had a ridiculously powerful gun.<br />
looks weird
ckeck out my better scope for the gun
IMO the scope looked hidden.
:D Love the metalics
not bad... not good though. You should sort out the typos as well.
Much Much MUCH better! I will do this sometime :-D

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Bio: I dont play with knex anymore
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