Blazer V1 Mod Stock and Sight!





Introduction: Blazer V1 Mod Stock and Sight!

About: I dont play with knex anymore

Give a general description of the InstructableI have made a stock and a scope for the balzer v1 knex gun

Step 1: The Stock

this is the stock for the blazer v1

Step 2:

this is the scope



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    I think I'm gonna build this, and if I like it I will build 2, if I don't like it I will build something else but this thing sux in a 1v1 battle...
    If you shoot, the enemy can see you, and then ya don't have enough time to reload and you lose =|

    I don't get it...Why is the blazer good?
    Isn't it just a slingshot gun with two handles?

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    A slingshot gun that can take nearly limitless amounts of power, almost any type of ammo, is easy to aim, and doesn't take up much more space than most of the "sniper rifles" that are really just crappy block triggers and over-sized, piece-wasting frames. This thing's piece efficient, comfortable and works great. I've actually modified mine to have a smooth top profile, and even used what are effectively bricks of pieces as ammo. That tree will never look the same again...

    Yep... On the plus side, I had a ridiculously powerful gun.

    ckeck out my better scope for the gun

    IMO the scope looked hidden.

    not bad... not good though. You should sort out the typos as well.

    Much Much MUCH better! I will do this sometime :-D