Blow Gun With Toothpick Darts





Introduction: Blow Gun With Toothpick Darts

These are simple instructions for making a blowgun and toothpick darts.

Step 1: Things You Need

you will need


-any tube works


-small square of paper


and thats all!

Step 2: Roll It Up!

roll the piece of paper up like the picture shows. then tape it.

Step 3: Now the Tip

first put the toothpick in the tube and pull it about halfway on the other side. then just tape it in place.

Step 4: Cut It Off

next just drop the dart into the tube and cut the part sticking out off.

Step 5: And Your Done!

have fun and don't shoot at people!'



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    Then we shoot the paper cardboard or plants?

    put nails instead of tooth pcks

    O.o It would put too much weight on the front, and the dart would not fly, unless you used one of those nails with hardly any head on it.

    That is not true, they fly perfectly.

    This is a good little blowgun, and you should use small nails and sharpen them on a grinder until they are finger prick sharp, thats what i do for my darts but they are large nails instead of small ones, also small nail darts are more accurate and fly a longer distance than tooth pick ones

    if your like me and love weapons (my parents are kinda worried) ask me the best way to make one of these

    if the nails are to big the darts just drop and don't go anywhere

    Thats why u get small nails then using a bench grinder or something like that, you grind them down so they are very light and that way there stronger, sharper and stay sharper for a longer amount of time than tooth picks.