Introduction: Blu Tack Face

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cool little way to make a face out of blu tack or clay(my first instructable was rubbish but this one will Probably be better)

Step 1: Get the Shape.

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get your self some blu tack about the size of a ping pong ball and role it into a ball (pic 2)
then make into an oval (pic 3)
then make into a rectangle (pic4)
this is the basic head shape.

Step 2: Eyes and Nose

Picture of Eyes and Nose

to make the nose put your finger and thumb on the edges and squeeze, it should finish up like pic 2
then squeeze it the other way and mould it to th shape you want.
For the eyes take some blu tack from the back of the head and role it into the size of pea .do this x2 and stick in eye sockets.

Step 3: Mouth and Hear

Picture of Mouth and Hear

to make mouth simply push your thumbnail into the desired place.
for the hair pinch the edge of the head and pull it down ,do this all the way round and on top.


badrang4 (author)2007-08-11

YEAH, josh92176!

josh92176 (author)2007-06-23

sorry but its been done.

Kiteman (author)josh921762007-06-23

That's a different finished item (a bead), made differently (the eyes are holes). There are several ways of sculpting a head: even if they share common factors, the details make a lote of difference.

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