Picture of rainbow fire
ok hey um im gonna show you how to make blue fire!!!

well to start off you need:

1.5 or so matches
2.sparklers that turn blue when lit{you can use normal ones just for fun, wont be blue though}
3.adult super vision,unless you are asking to get burnt

thick paper
thin cardboard
diferent colored sparkelers

Step 1: Matches!

Picture of matches!
ok so get the matches and cut the heads off like so.

then grind then up with knife or somin till made into a fine powder
RandomHero7 years ago
im pretty sure salt would turn blue also... thats what i heard at least
salt turns red. copper powder would turn blue.
ya i've had a continuing argument that copper burns blue or it burns green..
copper burns green
PKM Kaiven6 years ago
Actually table salt turns bright yellow. Copper compounds are greeny-blue, the only good red flames come from lithium and strontium which are hard to get hold of. Note that sodium chloride, copper sulphate and lithium nitrate are all "salts" in the chemical sense of the word, hence potential confusion.
Pryo Chain PKM5 years ago
Mmyeah, salt turns bright yellow.
As PKM said, Strontium chloride makes red, but there's also:
  Copper chloride - blue
  Copper sulfate - green
  Potassium chloride - purple, and
  Copper sulfate - green

And to make colored candles, just boil the metal shavings with water, then soak a wick in the solution.  After that, just cover it with wax, and you got a colored candle!
thoraxe7 years ago
Hey! Theres a little somthing called... PROPANE! and... BUTANE!... and.. METHANE!!!.... They all burn blue! Even purple in the case of propane.
hardrock_jake11 (author)  thoraxe7 years ago
yeah... untill you blow ur self up? then what u do???
well, thats your fault. If you blow yourself up you're too stupid to be playing with propane in the first place.
well a propane blowtorch is really easy to modify, i am inventing a new nossle for them and i found is relatively easy to modify a torch safely. ( i am using a welders mask and welding gloves, over-protective but safer). anyway things burnm in differnt colors based on chemical composition and flame intensity,

from least hottest to most

yellow-red-blue-light blue- white

(white is so hot it melts hardened flame-proof and (supposedly)  melt-proof epoxy see here )
 when things burn really efficiently and complete they burn blue. Its just that it does look supprising, as that looks like a jet. 
coke burns blue.
guillotine5 years ago
diddent see the vid was taken down
Mattrox7 years ago
you got a ton of pics but not of the most important thing the fire
EnigmaMax7 years ago
why don't you call it a blue fire instead of a rainbow fire?
There is no picture of a final project.
k hope i fixed it
, i put on a video if not then heres the hyperlink
For some wierd reason I read it as rainbow knife. Don't ask me why. So yeah that's why I posted that.