Blue Light Glass Model




Introduction: Blue Light Glass Model

This is a glass model of a cruise ship I went on holiday aboard, I wanted to display it in a nicer way than to just have it sit somewhere.

Step 1: Wooden Frame

First I measured the size of the glass rectangle, then I made use of a piece of floorboard because it has grooves for the glass to sit inside of, drew the lines, cut the wood to size and used panel pins to nail it together. I put match sticks across to hold the LED's in the middle.
Sorry I don’t have pictures of the steps I only thought of making the instructable after I made the hole thing.

Step 2: LED Put-together

For the light's I used 2 blue LED's I found in a toy car. I desoldered them from their original circuit along with one resistor and then re wired them up in parallel to a USB cable so that it can be powered off my computer. I placed the LED's in a plastic housing also found off a toy car.

Step 3: Spraypiant

Lastly I cut out a piece from the bottom for the cable and spray painted it silver.



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