Picture of blunt striking weapon (kubotan)
 hi guys, today I'm in the workshop, and I'm going to be showing you how to make a blunt ninja striking weapon, also known as a kubotan. A kubotan is a non-lethal weapon used by ninjas to knock people out, but you'd probably get arrested if you attacked someone with this, so don't hit hard. lets get started!
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Step 2: Sizing up the dowel

 the piece of dowel you will need has to be the length of your hand. put your hand against the dowel and mark out the length with a pencil, then cut it off. (the dowel, not your hand.)

Step 3: The finger cord

**WARNING** this step requires the use of a powertool. be careful! 
with that out of the way, you now have to mark out two dots in the center of the dowel, about middle finger width apart, maybe wider. now, using the drill / drill press, drill two holes all the way through the dowel where you marked the dots.

Step 4: The cord

 now you take your cord, and put one end through one hole, and one end through the other. you should have a loop like this. make the loop loose enough to fit your middle finger and your pinky finger through together, and then tie both ends of the cord and cut off the excess. you may want to use the file to smooth the ends of the dowel and bevel the sharp edges.   
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If I were you I'd put nails or claws on it. :D
One. (author)  the_burrito_master4 years ago
*stab* : (
mayday12 One.1 year ago
I can definitely see the lethality in this weapon. Sure it may be a stick but a deadly one at that. also, I think you people are missing a vital point. Its not for killing rather than self defense. a knife brings a whole new level of injury which may not be a good thing.
i though this was one of those extending rods to hit people with.....
hitty rod thingy |________________|=====================*
Stun baton...
Expandable baton
Seems like a not so good weapon to use. Like a glorified stick with sting and almost useless to use. About the same combat effectiveness as a pair of Nunchackus but would rather have a bo which is a glorified staff.
The loaded fist ,hammer strike and pressure point tool of a kubotan cant be underestimated. Unlike Bo staffs ,nunchackus ,sai and other defense tools , the kubotan can be carried anywhere ,even attached to keys . Fits in the back pocket easy.
fixed blade knife, 4 inches or less. a perfectly legal to carry, easily concealed, and quickly brought to bear self defense tool. same loaded fist, or hammer strike can be used. the addition of being able to cut someone to ribbons and inflict stab wounds is nice...not reccomended for gunfights.
u can read other comments regarding pockets knives . Its surprising where knifes are not allowed . If you stab someone in a fight ,cops and courts look badly on this, . Seen it before .
or just carry a small knife in you pocket, same concealment better combat effectiveness
Maybe . but unless one walks with the knife out and opened ,it may not help . the kubotan on your keychain is out and ready and no cop will likely arrest you for it . Walking with a knife out is legally questionable as well as dangerous to the average holder . One plus is ,a knife can look more formidable to a would-be attacker ,but can be used against you more easily than a kubotan .
Plus, it would be very hard emotionaly for the average Joe to stick a blade in an attacker, even in a life-or-death situation.
Clearly you have never trained with this weapon before. Even when practicing with a partner, kubatons really hurt.
but you cant put a bow staff in your hip pocket, what its is designed for is to increase the strength punch like knuckle dusters
That isn't what its used for.
You mean like a fist load or brass knuckles for hammer fists?
Hey, treesneedtobehugged. The kubotan is far from a glorified stick with a string. When used in conjunction with kicks and punches it can be devastating. Also, even poorly used nunchaku have huge impact potential. A good user can wreak havoc. I do agree with you that the bo is a good weapon, but it's harder to carry around town than the kubotan. After all, a 6 foot staff is a little more noticeable than a 5 or 6 inch stick.
black hole2 years ago
Take a look at this article
You guys must live in a bad neighborhood. Notice my profile picture, no stick, no Bo, no brass knuckles. Yes, I live in Texas and it is legal.
One. (author)  Brainchigger13 years ago
no, no bad neighbourhood. I just find weapons and their usefulness/efficiency to be fascinating, is all.
rockgod13 years ago you made a stick?
One. (author)  rockgod13 years ago
not any stick...
its a hitty stick!!!

rockgod1 One.3 years ago
you sir are a master of self defense.
One. (author)  rockgod13 years ago
why yes. I take pride in my mastery of hitty-stick jitsu
freeworking3 years ago
watch as it's twisted out of your hand and your middle finger is magically crushed! Be careful when deploying this tool and guard against twisting; make sure the ends sticking out the top and bottom of your grip are small enough not to allow an assailant to get a good grip.
It would take a lot to actually "crush" your finger; it's highly unlikely you will be using this against a gorilla. Even if your attacker gets hold of the end, it would be a fairly easy thing to break the grip before your finger is "crushed".
connirs993 years ago
Perhaps some sort of "stretchy" coed would help protect that finger. Just an idea
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If you know vital points, then killing someone with a stick would not be a problem.
Vynerlong3 years ago
i have a professional metal one as well as one i made from a sharpie that i found how to make online, i carry that with me when i go out as well as a knife. so i can use either or :)
One. (author)  Vynerlong3 years ago
hey man nice one with the sharpie i carry one too (one of the thick chisel tip ones)
eulaliaaaa!3 years ago
Soooo... A stick?
Cheezpaper4 years ago
How do you hit them? =)
One. (author)  Cheezpaper4 years ago
whack them with either end! or, you could just punch normally with it, because it acts as a fist hardener
eulaliaaaa!4 years ago
So, in other words, a stick?
xanxor4 years ago
I would really advise against nailing your family with this. if you hit them in the right spots to hard they could hemorrhage and die.
One. (author)  xanxor4 years ago
hit my family?! WTF? this is for self defense situations only.
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