Bolt Action Knex Pistol With Hopper





Introduction: Bolt Action Knex Pistol With Hopper

a fine knex weapon!!!!!
shoots up to 75 feet with 3 or more good rubber bands.

hopper can hold 6 shots max.
this gun shoots blue rods.
easy gun to make.

i added a video on how to reload and fill hopper...

i give alathald credit for the barrel and trigger.


Step 1: The Handle

build the handle from these pictures

Step 2: The Barrel

build from these pictures

Step 3: The Trigger

build from pics

Step 4: Connect Trigger to Barrel

snap bottom grey rod into top of snowflake connector

Step 5: The Hopper

the hopper will have pictures on how to build it and one pic with it loaded.

Step 6:

put it all together

Step 7: Your Finished!!!!!

good job now load it, cock it, and go shoot it!!!!!



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    i am only 10 and i can make much better things

    Thats an understatement, when I was 5, I could make something better than this.

    this gun is awesome! I had to move the handle foreword though, my hand is so small!

    the hoper jams and how do you prevent the amo from coming out

    what is the difference between a hopper and a mag

    A hopper is like a funnel that narrows bullets into the receiver holds up to about 30-50.
    A mag is a guided path with a mag push, the mag push "pushes the bullets up in the receiver.

    i think the trigger is for decoration

    The ''blue'' thing is supposed to be a yellow/grey half moon connector. In this case, its yellow, grey AND blue.