Bolt Action Knex Pistol With Hopper





Introduction: Bolt Action Knex Pistol With Hopper

a fine knex weapon!!!!!
shoots up to 75 feet with 3 or more good rubber bands.

hopper can hold 6 shots max.
this gun shoots blue rods.
easy gun to make.

i added a video on how to reload and fill hopper...

i give alathald credit for the barrel and trigger.


Step 1: The Handle

build the handle from these pictures

Step 2: The Barrel

build from these pictures

Step 3: The Trigger

build from pics

Step 4: Connect Trigger to Barrel

snap bottom grey rod into top of snowflake connector

Step 5: The Hopper

the hopper will have pictures on how to build it and one pic with it loaded.

Step 6:

put it all together

Step 7: Your Finished!!!!!

good job now load it, cock it, and go shoot it!!!!!



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    Thats an understatement, when I was 5, I could make something better than this.

    this gun is awesome! I had to move the handle foreword though, my hand is so small!

    the hoper jams and how do you prevent the amo from coming out

    what is the difference between a hopper and a mag

    1 reply

    A hopper is like a funnel that narrows bullets into the receiver holds up to about 30-50.
    A mag is a guided path with a mag push, the mag push "pushes the bullets up in the receiver.

    i think the trigger is for decoration

    The ''blue'' thing is supposed to be a yellow/grey half moon connector. In this case, its yellow, grey AND blue.

    2 replies

    wait..........i think its a green peice

    Yea, i don't know. I just didn't add it, the gun worked fine. I scrapped it though, i don't even know why.

    If you are going to make instructions explain everything in detail please

    In your first pic, what kind of piece is in between the white connecters furthest right? it looks blue but i have no idea what piece it is.

    1 reply


    i like this pistle/rifle alot especially the hopper part


    lks cool nearly broke my pinkie

    1 reply

    IF you guys have extra green and white rods, make the hopper bigger.

    Its alot better for a war.

    yes please make em easier to understand as im currently losing my rag with it as the bolt keeps flinging out *nearly breaks gun*