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my first instructable so DONT BE HARSH!
if you have any mods feel free to post them(you know tweeks clips anything you want feel free to do as you pleas with it)
This is an Old Instructable, I beleive I made this 4-5 years ago. If I had a chance to take this instructable out to the woods and tell it "Everything will be ok, just close your eyes" then shoot it, I would.

Step 1: The Barrel

Picture of The Barrel

sorry if the steps are out of place...
(sorry about the pics there blurry)
you'll need a joint conecter? if not half of a grey conecter.

Step 2: The Handel and Triger

Picture of The Handel and Triger

this part is a little hard to follow.
1)the trigger
2)top of handel and triger(pic 3)also thats a grey pice that did not show that well.
3)triger/handel together(THE SAME ON BOTH SIDES!!!)
4)adding the pin(problably not needed but just in case)
(sorry had to use another pic caus it dosent show where the pin goes)

Step 3: Handel Then Conecting/ and Hammer

Picture of Handel Then Conecting/ and Hammer

hammer is 2nd and last pic

Step 4: Part Two.>>>>VVVV

Picture of Part Two.>>>>VVVV

(i ran out of room.)



i used a lot of rubber bands caus there the big ones you need to double loop.
the second last pic goes with the last pic.
the trigger gets pushed UP not pulled back!!!


tinyhooman (author)2016-09-21

That's a rifle?

thehoyboy (author)2011-12-30

average but not bolt action

pann (author)2010-07-08

you spelled rifle wrong

mmzdaniel (author)2007-06-09

this isnt a bolt action but it has a true trigger, thats rare these days lol... nice work!

jli1 (author)mmzdaniel2007-12-22

not really a true trigger...

The Jamalam (author)jli12008-09-06

yes it is...

jli1 (author)The Jamalam2008-09-07

you push it up!!

zach12 (author)2008-06-04

srry bout that but i was just a little mad

The Jamalam (author)zach122008-09-06

what did you say to him?

you know me (author)2008-05-19

this gun is old i have been making new ones but i need more knex (update) i have taken the liberty of EXECUTING the video due to horrible cam quality and bad hairday and it was close to the "moved day" so every thing was messy i will not make any more videos untill i get a better camera :P and when i get new knex i will make sure this gun is extended and revived to have a better handel and a borowed trigger mech with a bolt and a possible inbound clip/magazine have an explosive day :D

Reiben (author)2008-05-19

sniper fourm but u dont push the bult back in

zable95 (author)2008-04-26

You should explain things more, because I have a hard time seeing what to do from the pictures.

you know me (author)2007-05-01

not exacly a bolt but a rifle.

hobo lord (author)2007-04-30

you should add the rubber band at a straight angle and add a basic clip. Anyway rifle is spelt like this, rifle.

Darth Trainman (author)2007-04-30

this gun is not a bolt action rifle. But is has a trigger, so it is not totally horrible. it's kinda woobley, though. Good job.

Pat Sowers (author)2007-04-30

this is not a bolt action rifel

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