Bolt Shooting Mod for Tru-mark Sling Shots Plus Bolts





Introduction: Bolt Shooting Mod for Tru-mark Sling Shots Plus Bolts

this instructable will show you how to make a special sling shot band for shooting specialized bolts (aka arrows) from a slingshot

Step 1: What You Need

you will need:
1x tru-mark slingshot
1 pair of scissors
1piece of round wire (i used my late ds's charging cable)

Step 2: Remove the Pouch

pretty self explanatory cut the two loops holding the pouch to the band

Step 3: Cut Wire

also self explanatory

Step 4: Thread Wire Through Holes

just jam it on through there

Step 5: Tie

tie the wire as shown in pic

Step 6: Find a Target

to make things to shoot just clip a wire hanger into a few short pieces and fire.

Step 7: Supplies for Bolts

you will need:
1x roll of electrical tape
1x hacksaw
1x pliers
1piece of coat hanger wire bent into a v
1 pair of scissors
and 1 bamboo garden stake

Step 8: Cut the Stake

cut off a piece approximately 8 inches from the stake

Step 9: Put It Together

stick one leg of the v shaped coat hanger wire into the stake piece

Step 10: Bend

bend the outer piece of wire as shown

Step 11: Bind

wrap the part thats parallel to the stake with electrical tape as shown

Step 12: Admire

admire your work



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I HAVE THE SAME WRISTROCKET but the plastic pieces broke on mine now i have to get another elastic

 Can you make the blot shaft with anything else???

are you in america?

I do think the white things that hold the pouch come out and will open so you can replace the pouch ......I had a knife that had a slingshot attachment with a bolt shooter ....ahhh the first rambo days and the knives they came out with ...

Got all 3 for xmas presents and still have them. Plus Mcloud's sword