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This was a run of the mill clock with a radio and its now a cool looking bomb clock. I will show you how I did it for almost free because its all recycled stuff. You don't have to buy a thing just look in the trash, be a green decorator. It could also be used as a wedding cake topper if your into crime or bombs, the bride and groom topper could look like James Bond characters and be running away from a explosion and the cake could look like an explosion just a thought. DO NOT make a real bomb!

What you will need

1.cardboard, toilet rolls, paper towel rolls, or old beer boxes.
2.razor blade
3.screw drivers
4.old wires
5.old electronic parts
6.electrical tape
7.sand paper

Step 1: Pick a Clock

This step is all you. pick the clock to take apart and if your not so good at the taking apart you might want to pick a clock you don't like so much. I myself picked my everyday clock, it is advisable to pick a digital clock it looks best by far. You could use a normal hand clock but it won't work well or look cool I tried it, don't kill your time.

Step 2: Dynamite BOOM

Now you can make the Booming part don't use real explosives make a replica . Think dynamite or C4, I picked dynamite but you could make C4 out of white play doh. For dynamite you can cut paper towel rolls and roll them tight but I used old beer boxes cut squares out and rolled them. After you have them rolled, tape it in three spots to hold them in place. When you cut the 3 sticks run water over them and sand them for a "real" look let dry, roll, then tape. Now you can use clay or paper to fill the holes at the end and stick in some wire to look like fuses.

Step 3: Set Up

Now you have 3 dynamite sticks tape them together in a triangle shape. When the clock is apart tape the clock to it and you have done it. Your a real bomb maker, good job your friends will have to call the bomb squad when they see this clock

plug it in plug it in..........your done



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    Funny how topical this particular clock is, especially because I was looking for clocks to build because of recent news. Funny how that works out.

    does it blow up ? :( :)

    Nicely done instructable with easily available and inexpensive parts. I guess times are changing and similar projects in the past did not generate nearly as much discussion as yours. Here's some similar ones and I was inspired to make one too.

    I think these are neat projects and mine is perched on my desk and it always generates fun conversation.

    I don't think I would take it through an airport in a carry on but let's lighten up a little, watch a Roadrunner cartoon and check out some new products from Acme.


    Great job on this build, it looks very neat. Looking back on my childhood we would use road flares taped together when playing cowboys and indians, fun ONLY when you are at HOME. We got caught playing around some boxcars and almost got ourselves into some serious trouble. Fortunately the police officer was a freind of my dad's and also quickly recognized the dynamite as flares. After he had a good chuckle he sent us on our way....after confiscating our 'IED's' ofcourse. :p

    Probably "You're under arrest" after they body-slammed you to the ground.

    I figured it depends on which airport your in
    • Isreal- One shot to the head
    • U.S.A.- One shot to the leg then a series of questining from diferant agencies.
    Atleast thats what i think

    Actually in the us one to three shots to the chest (center of mass) that is what we are taught. That person could have a remote detonator and a shot to the leg would give them time to ignite it.

    True but dead man switch then what do you do just run