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bondo body filler is normally used to fix dents in cars and trucks but A can use it for making small plastic like parts pieces or toys ill show you how to cast bondo in a one time use plaster mold for bondo

Step 1: Supplys tools

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stuff you need to cast bondo
thepelton6 years ago
I have been making small carvings out of vegetable ivory nuts. The two problems they have, besides being only about plum size, is that they have a dime sized void in the center, and since they are nuts after all, they have an empbryonic palm tree at one end, that falls out when they dry out, and leave a hole about 3 milimeters wide by 3 milimeters deep. I wonder if bondo would fill that hole without looking out of place. The ivory nuts are usually a pale yellow-white.
With the Tagua nuts I think you'd be better off starting with a white casting resin like Snap-On and adding a little yellow pigment to match the cream of the nut than using Bondo.
brandon borick (author)  thepelton6 years ago
well its pink but maby if you got a medicne sireng from a drug store mabe idk
Perhaps I should ask the people in the Woodcraft store about how to fix that hole.
Makaifh5 years ago
for the love of freaking pete, either use a macro lens or hold the object further!!!! You can't see anything in these pictures!!!!!
DR Mac6 years ago
Hi, I've done something similar a few times, try mixing your "Bondo" etc 50/50 with polyester (fiberglass) resin, It pours easier and the stuff I had made the castings incredibly tough! You can also get other types of body filler in various shades including white. I colour mine with bottled pigments for fiberglass. Keep experimenting and have fun! Hope this helps.
scafool6 years ago
Hi Brandon. Your instructibles are getting better. I have used bondo to copy small pieces of wood trim.
Lftndbt6 years ago
Nice work. Simple and to the point. Is this a common method, as I have not read of it before?
mycroftxxx6 years ago
Nicely done. Some spelling errors, but the instrucable is clear and easy to understand
I concur. ;)