do you or your child have a old beaten up tedy bear you don't want to get rid of? here is a simple and fun solution.

these stuffies or little pickle people are fun for all ages/

Step 1: Tools

needle and thread
teddy bear
craft items

Step 2: Remove Arms/legs

cut the arms and/or legs off teddy bear
sew the open ends shut

Step 3: Decorate

decorate the suffie however you like
 It may have been better to give Teddy a chance at a new home by donating him to charity. Cute idea, but I would use something different for the base.
if you got any suggestions for a different base I'm wide open
you..... MURDERER! :D
AWE, poor thing!
What about the rest of the bear? If you'd amputated the legs you could have given it a KNEX wheel-chair? L
Poor teddy :-(
lol, very cool, but every time I hear stuffies I think stuffed quahogs :P

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