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Supplies: book, shopping bag, tape, scissors

Step 1:

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 cut shopping bag in half

Step 2:

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measure book against shopping bag

Step 3:

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fold the middle so that the edges of the shopping bag line with the edges of the book.

Step 4:

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tape the folded area down

Step 5:

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tape the back of the folded area down

Step 6:

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mark the area where the neck of the book sits

Step 7:

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cut the marked area as shown above

Step 8:

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tape the flaps to the book

Step 9:

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the other side too

Step 10:

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fashionable, comfortable, convenient, easy to make!


Book Girl (author)2015-06-10

did you bind the book with the bag? the descriptions went a bit to fast for me to understand

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