a flare made from book matches get them at safeway or other places

you need book matches ducktape and time

im not responsible for burns from flares this is not a toy it is dangerous

Step 1: Do As in the Picture


Step 2: Fuse


Step 3: Add Fuse


Step 4: Roll

roll from opposit end of fuse

Step 5: Wrap

wrap with ducktape just below match heads

Step 6: Clip

bend out 3 paper clips and tape them to the flare

Step 7: Done Watch the Video

sorry it was a bright day so I had to dim it

Step 8: Saftey

don't burn yourself I'm not responsible for anything you or your friends do
The coolest thing ever is to buy some cheap cologne and spray it into a flame.
I've done that millions of times. Old spice burns the clearest, but tag is much more flammable. :-)
i shud try that
I always used to do this! It's so fun. :-)
I don't know why they let me buy that amount of matches at that age (:o
Nice. I remember A while back I bought a 100 pack of book matches at a discount store, poured lighter fluid on it, dumped bug spray on, lit it and ran like crazy. It made like orange-blue fire and gigantic whoosh
No. I was nine at the time <x]
im a pyro and this is not that great however soaking it in charcoal lighter fluid is fun also it lasts longer. and in my town 15min flares cost $2.49 wich i only get a $5.00 alowence so a pack of 50 matchbooks costs a $1.00 at wallmart hmmmmmmm..............ummmmmmmm what was i talking about i think i just got to far into thoght anyway do not respond to this comeant
where do you live man i want that flare
and there is not enough words
sorry pleez dont resond to this comeant my head hurts
Instead of wasting 50 matchbooks, buy a real flare that will last longer, and that is windproof. :P
match books are cheap though
You should experiment with KNO3 smoke bombs. They're also cheap.
still need stumprot they cant sell it at all where i live so i have t go out of town to get it
you cant see anything in the video. Try to have better lighting and the thing you are taping visible.
hmm interesting. Doesn't seem too spectacular though.

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