Hidden Bookshelf Door




Introduction: Hidden Bookshelf Door

I started with 3/4 in pine for the sides and cut them to 80 1/2 long x 10 1/2 wide and I notched them at the bottom to fit over the first step

Step 1: Getting the Angle Right

the shelves were 3/4 pine board and the back of the shelf was 3/4 inch plywood. everything was nailed and glued....since the door is flush with the doorframe and most of it is recessed inside the doorway and it opens outward, the side that swings open has to be angled so once you swing open the door the back side doesn't hit the door frame.

Step 2: How Its Attached

I took a scrap piece of 3/4 inch plywood and glued and nailed it to the hinge side as support for the hinges. I used the original hinges as I felt they were strong enough its been a year and the shelf hasn't sagged

Step 3: The Latch

I used the internals from the existing door knob latch. it was a bit tricky to get it parallel due to the angle being cut in the shelf but a simple wedge on the outside corrected that. everything was connected with lengths of metal coat hangers

Step 4: Mostly Finished

it was a nice project made with minimal tools. I had a square, hammer, circular saw, ratchet strap and tape measure. excuse the mess I have been finishing my attic



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