Low Cost Confetti Gun Refills





Introduction: Low Cost Confetti Gun Refills

this is a way to save a ton of money to get free or little cost refills
for your confetti 6-shooter (you can buy this gun at your local dollar general, family dollar whatever)

Step 1:

insert caps

Step 2:

make ammo.

Step 3:

insert barrel and go blast someone in the face!!!!
(not responsible for people getting hurt, you are! )

Step 4:



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    i figured out how to do this on my own and i found this AFTER i posted a vidio on how to do it


    neovenatar..... yo mama is an epic failure

    oh yea blank page, EPIC STEP FAAAAIIIIIIILUURE

    Do u NEED caps or can you just refill and shoot without caps?

    What do you make the ammo out of? Do the caps have to be purchased, or do you make them, as well?

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    if you know how to make them you can but i purchased them

    you can refil them by replacing the powder with crushed match heads get strike anywhere matches cut the tips of then soka them in water for a day then take them out crush em put them in a container that will keep them cool then wait to dry and put a but of powder in each cap and rfeplace the paper circle the more powder the more bang but too much powder will explode i take no responsibilty for what you do

    thats pretty cool i'm gonna do that some time

    remeber i take no responsibility for what you do after this message

    the caps are simply the normal eight shot caps you can buy them at dollar general walgreens etc. and you can make the ammo out of home aid connffeti

    this is common knowledge, at least as far as i know. did you figure this out yourself?

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    you first named your instructable boom boom for freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee lol nice ible 4 stars

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    Use macro mode on your camera, or get farther from the subject, a blurry photo is worse than a far-away one.

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    if you want comments, you'll have to wait till someone finds your 'ible interesting enough... wait a second...