Introduction: Boost WiFi Signal for FREE!

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this is how to boost your WiFi for freeee

Step 1: Mateials

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aluminium foil

Step 2: Boost Signal

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take a piece of foil and fold in to a bit higher than antanea and position it so it reflects the signal in whatever direction you want it to go this works because metals even as thin as aluminium foil will reflect WiFi signals


amason9 (author)2011-11-29

I agree, the pictures are a bit vague, but yes, alfoil is extremely effective at redirecting wireless signals.

I had a similar rig for a Wireless TV transmitter that was getting interference from a nearby wireless network (I know! Let's open up the 2.4GHz band to, well, everybody! What a great idea! Pfft.) Anyway, I got a piece of cardboard, curled it up a bit, covered one side in alfoil (folded over the other side) and sat it behind the aerial for the reciever - in effect I had created a ghetto parabolic reflector. There was an instant improvement on the signal, my wife and mother-in-law were amazed, and I was amazed it worked so well.

thaas1 (author)2011-05-25

I really could not see what you did in the pictures, could you take better ones please?

jensenr30 (author)2011-04-05

I am trying to be very constructive when I criticize.
you should get better pictures.

other than that...
I love this instructable!

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