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Step 1: Mateials

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aluminium foil

amason93 years ago
I agree, the pictures are a bit vague, but yes, alfoil is extremely effective at redirecting wireless signals.

I had a similar rig for a Wireless TV transmitter that was getting interference from a nearby wireless network (I know! Let's open up the 2.4GHz band to, well, everybody! What a great idea! Pfft.) Anyway, I got a piece of cardboard, curled it up a bit, covered one side in alfoil (folded over the other side) and sat it behind the aerial for the reciever - in effect I had created a ghetto parabolic reflector. There was an instant improvement on the signal, my wife and mother-in-law were amazed, and I was amazed it worked so well.
thaas14 years ago
I really could not see what you did in the pictures, could you take better ones please?
jensenr304 years ago
I am trying to be very constructive when I criticize.
you should get better pictures.

other than that...
I love this instructable!