Step 10: putting a side wire through

the caps might slide up when you are putting the wire through (this is ok) you will be able to push them back down later
This is a great idea! Thanks for sharing your hard work and great talent!
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I love the basket especially with the colored bottle caps. It's really very cute! I think the hardest part in this one would be the sewing the bottle caps together. <a href="http://www.adorababy.com/the-advantages-of-baby-shops/" rel="nofollow"><b>baby shops</b></a>
hey thanks, I like the colored caps too, I'm saving up a bunch of colors to make some more. the sewing/weaving the caps together isn't too hard, but it takes sometime. I actually don't like drilling or punching the holes the most.
I see but I think the weaving will be the most part of the work in here. I am trying to save a bunch of colors as well for this.
I have 2 of the same kind...but they are metal bottle cap baskets from Africa. its cool to see this version in plastic. Awesome cleverness.
I really like this basket! Very neat. I was trying to find something to use for a different easter basket for my brother. I want to use ski bottle caps for the glass bottles. Do you think this project might work with just a wire basket alreay made and glue on the caps? thanks.
Hey thanks for your comment.&nbsp; I don't know what ski bottle caps are but if they are metal caps I think you can punch holes in them with a hammer and a nail or some kinds of drills might work.&nbsp; Or like you said you could just glue them to an already made basket.&nbsp; I think for gluing caps to something else you might need to fill the concave part of the cap with something so they have more surface area to attach to the basket.&nbsp; Let me know how it goes and I'd love to see pics of what you come up with!<br /> Have a nice day.<br /> <br /> <br />
Great 'ible, but I am wondering what you have done on that wall in the last photo with the circles. Could you post another photo?<br />
Hey, thanks for the comment.&nbsp; It is not the wall that you see in that picture, it's a &quot;painting&quot;&nbsp; I did.&nbsp; I just painted a canvas black and then drew circles on it with a silver sharpie.&nbsp; At the time I just had it sitting on the sofa table but now it is hanging on the wall.&nbsp; I looked for a picture but I don't have one of the whole thing.&nbsp; I'll see if I can take one some time though.<br /> <br /> <br />
Very cool! great 'ible. BTW trialex. pop tabs/beer tabs can be donated to many they sell them to aluminium recyclers.
That's a really nice project. Thanks for the clear instructions.
Hey thanks. Thank you for the nice comment on my blog too. I looked at your instructables, they are awesome!
That looks really nice. I always keep my bottle caps when I recycle the bottles, but never knew what to do with them.
Thanks, I hope you get the chance to make the basket and can enjoy having something from all those caps you've been saving.
Nice one! I've been saving bottle caps (and bread clips and ring pulls) for a while now with no project in mind - you project will definitely be an inspiration when I get around to doing something.
cool, I hope it will be a fun project and you will have a treasure once it's finished

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