*RUINED* Bottle Cap Crossbow


Introduction: *RUINED* Bottle Cap Crossbow

In this Instructable I will show you how to make a simple crossbow from a bottle cap , a toothpick and a rubber band, this Instructable is is entered in the pocket sized contest so please vote, rate and comment

UPDATE: I've replaced the old blurry pictures with new and improved ones. Hope you guys get a clearer idea of how to make this Instructable. Enjoy!

UPDATE 2 My punk little brother got into my account and deleted like half the steps!!! So I've made a new one, I hope it gets accepted into the contest. Check it out here:


Step 1: Materials

You won't need much for this instructable,
-Soda bottle cap
-rubber band
-Dollar store Swiss army knife, or at least that's what I used All you need is a sharp point and a medium sized Phillips screwdriver

Step 2: Toothpick

Now put the toothpick through one set of two holes and secure with tape as shown.

Step 3: Rubber Band

Now secure the rubber band around the toothpick with a Lark's head hitch. I tried my best to show it with pictures but you can also see this instructable :



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    Spiky looking bugger, I wouldn't wanna put that in my pocket! (It would be just like the time I put a fistful of well used and very fine steel wool in my back pocket. That was really daft, I know better too but I was trying to carry lots of different things upstairs at once.) Nice end result. Some more ideas for improvement: A: If I was to make one I think I would trim the "bow" toothpick points, or make it from some stiff wire and bend it into a harmless shape on the top half. Or make a belt holster for it. Ten paces and all that... DRAW! "Fans imaginary hammer" lol. B: I think I would also carry around a little tub/pot/altoids tin full of more ammunition -- you never know when a war'll break out. Then who'll be the one who's well prepared?! C: A barrel (smooth section of pen or rigid small tube) would make it much more accurate/efficient. D: One could even rifle that barrel, it you wanna be super-anal about it. (Though there's really little point on something this size with such a short barrel and little power.) E: Upgrade to multiple braided/heavy duty bands for additional paper-cup killing power. F: Upgrade once again to well balanced target hollowpoint rounds. Lmao. Hope you dish out a good arse-whooping with this little beasty. :-)

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    Thanks, those are some great ideas! If you put it in your pocket, put it in vertically so the toothpick wont poke your leg or anything. The barrel sound really cool, I'll try to add one and if I do I'll put an update showing how to do It.

    I added some more holes for extra ammunition

    ill post a pic of mine soon its sooo cool

    No worries. I look forward to the mark II pictures! :-)


    Dude! Sorry to hear about your little brother! I hope you got him back. I'll check out your new one =)

    Awesome!!! I can't wait to make one!! Actually I'm gonna make one now!!

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    thanks! your pocket tackle box is really cool too.


    WOW!!! This is awesome!

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    Thanks I really like your mini lantern It's r very easy and useful

    Depending on how strong that rubber band is, I wouldn't shoot it at people. Looks like it'll hurt.

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    If you wan't to shoot it at people , for whatever reason, you could snip the other end of also, so it couldn't really cause any poking, maybe I should add a disclaimer....

    I meant the other end of the toothpick, sorry :P

    Awww... I made a version similar to this about 10 years ago when I was bored in 8th grade one class period using some paperclips, a broken rubber band, a pencap and a used sucker-stick. It didn't work that well but I certainly was able to fire the sucker-stick/pencap projectile a few feet away!

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    Great minds think alike I guess.

    It's been approved, Thanks for the support!

    This is an excellent idea. I'm absolutely going to try this next time I have bottle cap in hand.

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    My favourite Pocket-Sized i'ble I'm voting for this! (after creating an army of them and proceeding to fire at random targets)