i collect bottle caps so i have over 600 hundred of them and i need to do something with them so as i was looking for something i found someone who made a curtain out of soda tabs, so i got the idea to do the same thing but with bottle caps! (i suggest reading all instructions first) btw this is my first instructable. 

what you will need:
elmers all purpose glue (or a different brand, as long as it dries clear)
bottle caps
string (it has to be pretty thin but cant break easily)
beads (optional)
a piece of card board or a hard covered book that you dont mind getting a few marks on
scratch paper or a small peice of cardboard

Step 1: Skewer the Bottle Cap

now this part might hurt a bit, sorry, but the first thing you do is put the first bottle cap on top of the card board or whatver you chose (i used a peice of metal that i got from a mobile kit) then you take the tack and push it into the bottle cap leaving a hole about half a centimeter from the edge.
Doesnt duct tape take the paint off the walls? I guess tying the individual strings do a dowel rod and then hanging it might be safer? Love the idea though :] i have a ton of bottle caps! im gonna try this myself :]
that hasnt happened to me, but its your curtian so do what you like :]
That looks cool! I have bottle caps and I have been trying to figure out what to do with them, but I don't have anywhere near 600. Did you make a whole curtain? Do you have a picture of it?
i havnt finished it yet so no :/ and thanks :]

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