Bottle Opener





Introduction: Bottle Opener

make a fancy bottle opener out of spare bike parts

Step 1: Grab One of the Big Cogs Off an Old Bike Cassette

Step 2: Cut the Gear Into Equal Pieces

Each piece will become a seperate bottle opener

Step 3: Use a Chain Tool to Create a Length of Chain Long Enough for a Handle

Step 4: Drill Two Holes. These Will Be Used to Attach the Chain to the Gear

Step 5: Use a Punch to Attach the Chain to the Gear

Step 6: Test the Bottle Opener to Make Sure That It Works



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    That is cool

    I invented this in about 1995, and you can buy them here if you don't want to make them...
    the only difference is that I decided to weld the chain to the sprocket. MUCH quicker to make.

    2 replies

    great minds think alike! :)

    engraved with your name on them? For 12 bucks each, I'd want MY name on them

    very nice !

    i made one this weekend using a dremmel for the first time. i just drilled one hole in mine though and attached it to my keys as a badass keychain. thanks for the idea.

    Very cool and for a worthy cause! I assume that a stainless chain is best. A nickel plated chain may cause skin rashes (although you may argue that for beer this is worth it). Will a regular chain tend to rust?

    all that work for the champagne of beers? doesn't this sort of job call for a Fat Tire?

    thats a really neat idea, you could probably mod it to allow the chain to wrap around the opener to make it fit in a pocket or use a smaller gauge chain to make it a neck ornament. keep up the cool mods