Bouncy sugru bumper for iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S + NEW VIDEO

Picture of bouncy sugru bumper for iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S + NEW VIDEO

After having sugru bumpers on my iPhone for a year I learned just how protective they are...
so I made this video to show you just how much I trust them !!!

This is the original video which shows how to make sugru bumpers and how to remove them.
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Step 1: Get ready

Picture of Get ready
To get started, make sure your hands and your phone are clean

If you don't have any sugru, you can buy it from

Step 2: Open sugru

Picture of Open sugru
A Smart Hack (5g) sachet of sugru is plenty for this hack - once you open the sachet you have about 30 minutes to work with sugru before it starts to cure so take your time - work the material in your hands for a few seconds, this makes it work better

Step 3: 4 corners = 4 pieces of sugru

Picture of 4 corners = 4 pieces of sugru
Tear the sugru into 4 even pieces, one for each corner of your phone.
Press a piece of sugru onto each corner (be careful not to cover the buttons, speakers or camera lens) - then fold the sugru over onto the glass on the front and back of the phone.

Step 4: Get the shape right for you

Picture of Get the shape right for you
sugru - iPhone 4 - finishing touches.jpg
Once the sugru is in place, get the shape right - gently touch the sugru repeatedly to tweak the shape, don't panic, you have plenty of time.

Step 5: Leave sugru cure

Picture of Leave sugru cure
Once you are happy with you hack, leave it somewhere to cure overnight - sugru cures to a lovely silicone rubber

Step 6: OK - but does sugru come off?

Picture of OK - but does sugru come off?
Yes, sugru is removable - carefully tear the sugru from your phone

Step 7: Wipe it clean

Picture of Wipe it clean
There will be some residue left behind, to clean this off, simply scrape it with the back of your finger nail then wipe it clean with a cloth.

Step 8: Good to know:

Picture of Good to know:
sugru bonds well to the metal on the frame of the iPhone 4 but does not bond to the glass (there is some funny coating there)
sugru does bond to previous iPhone screens!
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projectsugru (author) 2 years ago
yup, can't see why not :)
dinhoconrad2 years ago
Can I do this in Galaxy S3?
xxcalebbxx2 years ago
I'm thinking about getting some Sugru for my motorola flip phone...btw, can I get Sugru in the USA?
projectsugru (author)  xxcalebbxx2 years ago
hi, yes, you can buy sugru directly from us at, we ship from Michigan so it should get to you in about 2-3 days :)
DoctorDv2 years ago
After you remove it, can you put it back on the iPhone and use them again? Also, will these work on an iPod touch?

projectsugru (author)  DoctorDv2 years ago
Hi David, once you remove the bumpers, you will not be able to put them back on :( they do work a treat on an iPod touch :)
Thanks! I really think sugru is interesting and I can't wait to try some of it out on the instructable I am currently working on. I'll shoot you a message so you can check it out.

timweaver172 years ago
does anybody have experience using sugru on an ipad?
projectsugru (author)  timweaver172 years ago
yes, we put sugru on our iPad here (removed it as well so no picture to show at the moment) we plan to post a project soon that uses sugru on an iPad though. Works a treat and is removable too :) You thinking about putting bumpers on yours ? A customer has put sugru bumpers on their iPad, check it out here.
i am thinking of bumpers on mine, yes.
Audiyoda3 years ago
Interesting that in 85 comments no one has mentioned there's a Instructable to make your own sugru - on the cheap.
I don't agree with you any more...
CropJ Audiyoda3 years ago
I was excited to read all this and on top of it you left me the pleasure of typing in all those letters to search for it myself... I thought I would help out the next drifter.

Irock1483 years ago
If you made an X connecting them you can make a removable thing and have even more protection
ace14233 years ago
i like it but can you drop it from about 4 feet
projectsugru (author)  ace14233 years ago
yup, I have at least :)
Chowmix123 years ago
Can you put the bumpers back on after you take it off?
projectsugru (author)  Chowmix123 years ago
hi Chowmix12,

once you remove the bumpers you can't put them back on.

You can easily create a new set from fresh sugru, or, if you remove the original bumpers carefully, you can use much less sugru to mount them back onto your phone.

I hope this helps.
zolracal3 years ago
I'm from mexico... i have not idea of where i can buy it ...
could be better if you say how to make it
NewYorkRob3 years ago
I personally prefer using 4 mini tennis balls. You simply cut a slit in each and slide the mini-tennis balls onto each corner of the iPhone... or any similar phone.
projectsugru (author)  NewYorkRob3 years ago
sounds awesome :) you got a picture ?...
mman15064 years ago
does sugru remain a slightly soft and bouncy exterior after drie or does it become dried and hard
projectsugru (author)  mman15064 years ago
hi mman1506, sorry for not replying to this before :(
yes, sugru remains soft and bouncy once it cures :)

I'm sorry for commenting on your post mman1506 but my iPod won't let me leave my own comment :/ and our pc is broken ATM with a Trojan horse virus so I'm forced to use my iPod touch :( anyway I was wondering if you could still use sugru with a iPod or iPhone case but stick it onthe outside of it because I really like my case and it's helped alot but I still get a massive crack down my screen which I've replaced 3 times now! :( I really would like to know. Thanks :) and sorry again mman1506 for commenting on your post without answering your question.
projectsugru (author)  The cats meow!4 years ago
hey, that should totally work, (although sugru does not stick to all plastics) Here is one from Matthew, he had a similar problem to you and when he was fixing the crack, he got carried away, it looks totally awesome... James
Matthew, Mondrian iPhone.JPG
Okay thank you :) I've got this cool Case I found of eBay called devil case and I was so happy when I found this but just remembered that I had the case so now in happy that it will hopefully stick
projectsugru (author)  mman15064 years ago
hell mman1506, sugru cures to a soft and bouncy silicone rubber :)
Blue Mist4 years ago
I have a problem mixed with a question.... I really want some sugru as it does seem to be a great substance or item whatever you wanna call it...... the problem is I live in the UK and i can't find anywhere that sells sugru, is there anyway of getting it in the UK?
projectsugru (author)  Blue Mist4 years ago
Hi paladin97, just noticed this question. We sell sugru in a small number of shops in the UK. In London you can buy sugru at:
The Design Musuem -
Tiranti's -
Mar Mar -

and outside London at Snow Home -

Of course, you can buy sugru from us directly at

Hope this helps :)
It is a UK company and it ships from London, just go to!
projectsugru (author)  Blue Mist4 years ago
Hi paladin97, we ship from the UK so it's super easy get it. You can buy it from :)
pismoian4 years ago
Does sugru only bond to iphones? what about an original droid?
projectsugru (author)  pismoian4 years ago
Hi pismoian, sugru bonds to all kinds of matials; glass, wood, metal, fabrics and some plastics :) Have a look at our gallery to get a better idea -
Hello! I was wondering if one can surge go on fabrics?? And two, does this work on roundish phones too??? Pease answer asap :) thank you
NatNoBrains4 years ago
I'm soooooo buying this!
Opcom4 years ago
that stuff seems versatile. I wonder if a weird scary halloween mask could be made with it.
Does the Sugru come off often when taking the phone out of your pocket? I feel like this might be a slight problem :(
projectsugru (author)  thatskindacool4 years ago
hello thatskindacool, I have had this on my iPhone for several months and it's holding up great. No problems at all :)
I guess I might have to buy some more for my iPhone then :D
projectsugru (author)  thatskindacool4 years ago
hello thatskindacool, I have had this on my iPhone for several months and it's holding up great. No problems at all :)
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