Picture of bow and arrow
This instructable will teach you how to make a bow and arrow. Out of a few household thing's.
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Step 1: What you will need

Picture of What you will need
You will need a straight stick that is about 2inches thick. a string and a knife

Step 2: Cutting the notches

Picture of cutting the notches
you need you knife to cut the wood on each and at an angle like the pic

Step 3: Tie the string

Picture of tie the string
now you must tie a loop at each end of the string

Step 4: Attaching the string

Picture of attaching the string
now you just put the string on

Step 5: Making the arrow

Picture of making the arrow
now you go to the store and buy a wooden dowel and sharpen it

Step 6: Now you put on the finishing tuches

Picture of now you put on the finishing tuches
now you can sand it down and make handle

note some types of wood will not work

Step 7: How much power

Picture of how much power
this is six inches of solid stirifoam from a distance of 30 feet away
how long should the stick be? and how long the string?
the length depends on how tall you are. short bows are about the length from shoulder to shoulder, medium bows go from the floor to your waist, and longbows are your height. the string should be long enough that you can wrap it around each end and put in a knot, so i'd say make it abou tfifteen inches more than the height of the bow.
HotShot246 years ago
How Far can this bow shoot if A shoot it straight at a target
mayo2916 years ago
really I mean honestly you may want to think about saving up for a real compound bow (they start at like $50 but can reach$1000) btw the bow here should be made from like hickory wood or even maple maple works great and use a non-nylon string
lupinesoul6 years ago
2-inches thick?! Are you crazy?! How would you bend that?
brute force? If you can't do it by yourself, than you shouldnt be even trying to make this stuff
Surely he means 2-inches in circumference, because that stick is not 2-inches in diameter!
honestly, i make alot of bows that are 2 in. diameter. makes it stronger and just last longer. also, when you have down the bark, you cut off maybe 1/4 of an in. all around so it shortend to about 1 3/4 of an in. btw, 2 in. is not hard to bend, since when making a 2in. bow, you cut it in half, taper the ends, than glue part of the other side back on. thats how you make a REAL bow. no offense to this guy, its still pretty good. he just didnt shave the bark off of it
this is a sweet instructables fi you put feathers on the arrow it will fly better
yakub1237 years ago
what type of wood can be used for the bow?? last time i made 1 it wasent bendy and it snapped.. ply write back
Ash, I believe is popular. It needs to be "seasoned" but not so dry it's brittle. I don't know where that cutoff is, so I intend to just make as many as I can out of various ages of scrapwood I have and burn the failures. So if maple or any of my fruitwood bows work, I'll mention it. If they snap all over my face, well...
jbail1077 years ago
can you use pvc pipe
yeah pvc pipe work really well.
Jorden7 years ago
do you need a curtain type of string