This instructable will teach you how to make a bow and arrow. Out of a few household thing's.
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Step 2: Cutting the notches

you need you knife to cut the wood on each and at an angle like the pic

Step 3: Tie the string

now you must tie a loop at each end of the string

Step 4: Attaching the string

now you just put the string on

Step 5: Making the arrow

now you go to the store and buy a wooden dowel and sharpen it

Step 6: Now you put on the finishing tuches

now you can sand it down and make handle

note some types of wood will not work

Step 7: How much power

this is six inches of solid stirifoam from a distance of 30 feet away
mije1234566 years ago
hi wat string would be best for bo and arrows a string that stretches like a lastic band lz reply
You don't wan the string to stretch, the stretch come from the bow arms.
how do you seal a bow with oil
i waz reading this and a question just popped out of mind.... will wire work? i mean i dont use wire but will wire have a chance of working/
Spearix5 years ago
kitestring is OK too if u have a kite and ur too lazy to get real bowstring
frodo76 years ago
will fishing string work?
or you can use normal string or instead of the stick needing to be bendy why not just get a bent stick and use a long rubber band.
Justsomeguy7 years ago
any recommended type of string?
nylon but twine is alright