Introduction: Bowfishing Arrowhead

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in this pdf or whatever you want to call it, will show you how to make a bow fishing arrowhead. the finished product is shown above.

Step 1: Materials

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you will need
a large safety pin

Step 2: Cut

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what you want to do is draw two lines right next to each other away from the loop on the safety pin then cut it at the marks you made.

Step 3: Put On

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take the safety pin and put it on the arrow head. Set it up as shown In pic three and press and pull the prods apart at the same time so it slids on.

Step 4: Bending the "prods"

Picture of Bending the "prods"

now put it in the arrow and bend the prods down carefully. (dont worry it is strong when finished)

Step 5: Then Just Add the Rest of Your Gear and You Are Set to Go Fishing.


patatarium (author)2015-08-10

I make it similar a few weeks ago with fiber glasses poles butt isn't work:( with this trick its will work! Thanks you so much!

Think_Design_Build (author)2015-02-10

You could bend the prongs again to make barbs if you wanted too.

Camilo543 (author)2015-02-10

This is just a sub-par replica of DIYWEAPONS instructable, which you favorited then proceeded to copy.

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