I'm unemployed this Christmas. So the mall is out. Online shopping? Out.

I've always wanted to make a t-shirt mash-up so this gave me perfect motivation. And home-made Christmas gifts? You can't beat that.

I took a boy T from the good 'ol Seattle Goodwill Outlet and an old tank I've worn to the bone; slap on one of my bro's old Boy Scout patches and *wow* - awesome new T for a boy I have a crush on. :)

Needed: t-shirts, patch(es), scissors and sewing machine or needle and thread for the patient and brave of fingers, and of course, a bit of creativity.

Cost? Less than a dollar!

Step 1: Grab a Piece of You...

The next time you clean out your closet, reconsider that T that you're so hasty to bring to the Goodwill. I commend the Goodwill, and I'm all about giving to the cause, but old T's make great fodder for cool new garb.

It's cute to mesh your old T that your man can wear around. Or in this case, current crush. Aaaw.

Step 2: ...and a Canvass T

Hmmm, I wonder why this guy tossed this shirt?

I was considering giving this to him as a joke. But then I realized it wasn't funny. And what would that say about me..? "Hi, I'm psycho! Join me for espresso?"


Step 3: Check for Things to Cover Up

The "Don't Panic" decal in the back, below the neckline, had to go. I found a cool patch on one of my bro's old Boy Scout sashes. Perfecto!

It didn't quite cover the yellow lettering, so I attached the patch to a piece of non-stretchy fabric first.

Step 4: Cut & Sew

I admit, my mom helped me sew together this first needle and thread venture. I think she wanted to steer me clear of the pounding needle (thanks, Mom).

Mom's advice, sew cut-out on a non-stretchy (ie. non-T-shirt material) backing first. This makes it easier on the machine and easier on you. I'm all about the messy look, but snarled and bunchy is not the look I was going for.


Step 5: Patch It Up

Here's the finished product with the patch sewed on the back. I hand-sewed it on the same non-stretchy fabric first, left a little around the edges and then sewed it on the shirt.

And look, I have more cool patches to use on future projects!

Boy crush #2?
I like this project a lot! =P<br>Did you give it to your crush?<br><br>I was thinking of making my crush something for his birthday/Christmas(his b-day is the day before Christmas). Although i don't think I can be so bold. xD
Hahaha, boy "crush #2?" Cute. Nice work, looks pretty cool!
A little effort + some creativity and you have a gift that cost less but means a lot more than what you get at the mall. Really nice work.
Thanks mever. :) Those are the best gifts.
Wow, lilo. That is the most awesome idea ever. You are so cool!
hello hello insomnia. :) thanks - it fit perfectly!
thanks PetervG
Very nice job. I hope he reciprocates. :)
oh, he's a reciprocator. :) thanks vegas.

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